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That Thing We Do

We’re film-makers but also makers of documentaries, videos, commercials, TV programmes, web-series; to mention a few. We’re most comfortable calling all these things Branded Content, and we draw from three very different palettes, blending them (or not) depending on how to best hook your audience.


Any Brand, Any Market

Whether about a person, a product, or a brand sometimes a story just needs to be told. Let it breathe, sculpt it and explore it with oodles of research, eyewitnesses and experts. Like a nice walk in the country, it can ramble, conclude or just inspire.


Short and Long Format

Hidden cameras, jeopardy, who’s gonna win, "wow! I never saw that coming," "that's exciting/scintillating/scary/funny" Like any good joke this palette needs a clear setup and punch-line.


Wag Included

Sometimes all you need is a great camera, some big lights, a touch of makeup or a subject matter that is just "wow". Like a plate of sushi it should be presented in it’s most naked and purist form with subtleties to enhance.

Why Choose Us?

A perfectly reasonable question to ask

We Know Our Craft

Every time we start a new production it's like a fresh new day, and just like each day, we approach every opportunity with genuine empathy, patience, openness and passion. In a media landscape where customers are overloaded with content clutter, we deliver the mix that offers the maximum result. For people and for brands, we make stories worth telling. Our clients say it shows - throw us a bone - we’ll prove it!

We Do Not Bait & Switch

A group of idealists, rockers, dreamers, specialists, thinkers and makers we want to shorten the distance from what we do to you. Not only does this approach save you the cost of hordes of agency folk chalking-up unnecessary time on your bill, it enables us to get deeper into your message, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the process too; after all who doesn’t like making things - we do, everyday!

We Sweat The Details

It’s less of a sweat when you’ve got the processes, experience and team all in one place. The more planning and thinking that goes into a project the better the end product. After 200+ projects, we’ve created a goof-proof process to take care of all the details - so that you get predictably remarkable results every time, combine that with our make-it-better approach and you’ve got a lean-mean-storytelling-dream-team.

Steady As She Goes

We remember when people gave you a strange look for suggesting online content would overtake broadcast, when you were asked to leave the party if you predicted Digital Ad spend would surpass broadcast TV by 2017 and that brands would want to own their own content. We’ve survived that transient time by staying hungry; we’ve also managed to enjoy the journey along the way. 

How we bark up that tree

Doing That Thing We Do

Any Brand, Any Market

Our first port-of-call is a place where we understand what you want and to what ambition. Folks come to us in a variety of stages of preparedness; sometimes with a board, maybe a script, often with a link of something they’ve seen online; sometimes from our portfolio. But often the words “we need a film" is enough for us to kick-off. Not every idea is a bolt of lightning; but we also know the heavier the storm the more likely we'll get struck.  

The Magic Sauce

We ponder platforms, we brainstorm ideas (alot), we revisit our existing portfolio and we visit places for inspiration. Sometimes a brisk coffee or a trip to the gym spawns a brain-wave. We do this until we think we’ve got something shiny and unique. Is it on budget? Nope! - lets talk about it anyway. When ambition and idea are aligned we build the methodology that’ll send your content into online orbit.

Anchor The Brand Truths

We love what we do and we still get excited about seeing the end-product come together. Throughout our thorough and well trodden process we take the project to delivery never far from your reach. Of course we lay out the journey from the outset and arrive at the destination close to where we planned; a film that weaves a narrative for your brand or product. We’re happy, you’re happy. Lets grab a beverage!

The Alpha Dogs

Who's in The Pack?

James Rotheram


James is a firm believer in the power of the idea. His best idea came when walking his dog – Ringo The Dingo (now Hurrah’s mascot). The big idea was that there was a market for a company that was committed to making the very best Branded Content based in Asia with a regional (and now global) view.

In 2008 James took the leap and founded Hurrah in the midst of the global financial crisis, in a niche and very competitive industry, nearly ten years later he’s still doing it. Today Hurrah services clients throughout the world from its headquarters in Singapore working with some of the biggest brands and most ambitious agencies.

James can still be found on set; more frequently though he can be found sipping coffee at one of theminutelist’s participating venues preparing for the “next,” and meeting people who want to know about Hurrah.

With 20+ years of experience in the industry every aspect still has the power to excite him.

Haf Rahman

Head of Post Productions / Senior Editor

Haf Rahman is our very own award winning editor, and he is Head of Post Productions at Hurrah. Haf is a mastermind of the short film and is an expert at conceptualizing and crafting cool stories.

Haf graduated from LASALLE College of the arts in 2009 with a Diploma in Film Studies and in 2013 he won the award for Best Video Editor at Mediacorp Suria’s Pesta Perdana award show.

Aswini R

Junior Producer

Wini is quite simply a one-off. Quietly confident she’s a producer that knows what is going on at every stage in every part of a production. She’s there when you first talk to us about an idea and she’s there at the very end when we go for that delicious beverage.

Tenacity and going that bit further to make your film “that bit better” is what Wini has by the bucket load, and she does it with a constant unreserved smile on her face… maybe cos she has a secret stash of chocolates in her drawer?!

Like every great producer; Wini is behind the scenes getting things done and encouraging the team to do what they’re best at – to the point that she got James to write this for her!

Russell Morton

Director of Photography

He saw it first

Russell Adam Morton is an artist and filmmaker. He is a graduate from The Puttnam School of Film, Lasalle College of the Arts (2010) and obtained an MA in Fine Arts from Camberwell College of the Arts, UAL (2012).

His films have been part of the Athens Video Art Festival 2012 and participated in several group shows in London. His film, “The Silent Dialogue of All Artworks” was screened at the National Museum of Singapore’s 10th Singapore Short Cuts, The Substation’s 4th Experimental Film Forum and the Thai Short Film & Video Festival 2014. The film later went on to win Best Experimental Film at the 5th Singapore ShortFilm Awards. His second film, Forest of Copper Columns, has won the Cinematic Achievement Award at the Thessaloniki Short Film Festival 2016 and has been selected at several festivals in 2016 including the Thai Short Film & Video Festival, Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival and Cine Pobre Film Festival.

Dira Mutiara

Dira loves putting a story together in the edit; to her it’s like trying to solve a puzzle by finding pieces that fit within endless possibilities. She likes telling stories, and as a filmmaker Dira hopes to create stories that make a difference in people’s lives, promoting an understanding of cultural diversity.

Graduating from the University Of Westminster, First Honours in Film and Television Production; Her Film “Cattle Market” was selected at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016

Prior to filmmaking Dira obtained a diploma in fashion design and set up her very own fashion company in 2010.

She speaks Japanese, has a PADI diving license.

Word from the shed

Our Newsticker

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Wrapped the last shoot day for @symriseag in #newyorkcity Great way to finish up a fascinating documentary. Thanks Gaelle Dami and @lea_ana for an awesome week of work, play, laughter and food!  #takingabiteouttathebigapple #ringotravels #forgetaboutit

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Just back from a wonderful offsite with our new family at #golin in Bali. Three days of fun, laughter, team building #goalin #newchums #fearless19

28 January, 2019

Just back from a wonderful offsite with our new family ...

Just before we close the door on 2018 we squeezed in a cheeky little shoot for our chums at @brave_bison_io and @lego #plasticisfantastic #stopmotion #funwithlego

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Just before we close the door on 2018 we squeezed in a ...

First one off the rank with our new bros & sistas at @jackmorton #neworder #backinthegroove #samesamebuttotallydifferent

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We’ve gone ‘All In’ with Golin, part of IPG. We’re gonna be doing what we’ve always done - All Bark and All Bite - but now we’re part of a bigger offering. This has only been made possible by hard work and commitment of our Chums (current and old) whom we’ve had the privelege of working with over the years. #youknowwhoyouare #progressivepr #futureisbright😎 #onceachumalwaysachum

21 November, 2018

Some big news coming your way very soon. #changeisgood #curtainraiser #excitingtimes

7 November, 2018

Some big news coming your way very soon. <a href="https...

We’ve just returned from an adventure in Italy. Maybe a bit too much pasta and good living. Here’s a short homage to the Eternal City and the FAO, which is down the road from ancient Rome #theeternalcity #whenthemoonhitsyoureyelikeabigpizzapie #thisiswhatwereworkinon

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We’ve just returned from an adventure in Italy. Maybe...

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Latest leg of a documentary about food. Auckland is a stunning place and we need to get back here soon! Oysters oysters everywhere! #beautifulnewzealand🇳🇿 #gottagetback #ringotravels

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Latest leg of a documentary about food. Auckland is a s...

Shooting #sepangcircuit for some new but old chums. Watch this space for some proper cool motor cars coming soon #racecarstuff #racingcar #sepangtrackday

20 September, 2018

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Who's A Good Boy Then

What Awesome Clients Say

Richard Hol
Executive Creative Director

You have brought to life what we had in mind before we started the project; to create something that feels authentic, has loads of energy and is a disruptive break with the conservative category… I always strive to make the ‘director’s cut’ the one that goes on air. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve produced our director’s cut.

Gaelle Dami
Marketing Director

We have now completed our 3rd corporate movie with Hurrah and the result is, again, outstanding! The Hurrah! team are a pleasure to work with… thoughtful, creative, fun and professional… fantastic story tellers. They will take everything it needs and beyond, to outperform and deliver unique films, in actually very diverse styles when necessary.

Simon Fransson
Marketing Strategy

We’ve worked with Hurrah since 2011 and made over 30 films with them throughout the region and beyond. What always stands out is the style and narrative which is now becoming a big part of the UD Trucks brand. For the recent launch of our new truck – the Croner – Hurrah was instrumental in setting the tone for the fantastic launch film. It’s always a pleasure working with Hurrah being positive, pragmatic; you get Bite with their Bark.



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